11.11.2018 Straight-Knotted Button Workshop一字扣

The best-known and most popular Chinese button: Straight-Knotted Button, also called Yi Zi Kou (一字扣) or Zhi Pan Kou(直盤扣.)

It’s the origin of all fastening devices that have been buckling up the entire Chinese history for thousands of years.

Here’s the reason why we would like to introduce it first before the others.

Through this cozy gathering, everyone will be empowered to create your own pair of Yi Zi Kou.

You must be surprised of how ‘simple’ it could be made from a piece of cloth by a pair of hands,

absolutely 100% hand-made from natural materials in the most traditional way.

And realizing how ‘practical’ it could be applied in our daily life.

We’ll prepare you all the materials, tools and notes with excessive drinks, munchies and jokes.

Just come and have fun with us, never get you bored ; )

Date: Sun, 11 Nov. 2018

Location: Havelberger Str.5 10559,Berlin LangLang Remise Studio Doorring:Remise

Class A: 10:00-13:30 (3.5 hours)

Class B: 14:30-18:00 (3.5 hours)

Size: 4-8 people/class

Price: €45/person (all materials & tools included)

*The workshop will be instructed in English and Chinese