Calligraphy with seasonal Japanese culture: 書き初め kaki-zone

January : ” New Year”
It’s another fresh start. Here we go 2019.
In Japan, people load up the brush with the pure black ink, and write off their New Year’s Resolution on paper, so that your mind is set for the new beginning.
It’s called 書き初め kaki-zone, calm yet direct, a perfect way to start a new year.
2019 is 己亥 tsuchinoto-i, a year of Pig. It’s said to be a calm, and healthy year to start.
You will be introduced to this special custom and cultural view of Japan.
Come along and let’s get set your mind ready for the coming journey.

We will have paper and ink ready for you to let your mind flow. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t made up your plan for 2019.
Just come and breath, write off what you find while you enjoy the sensation of the ink and brush.

During the session, you will be guided on how to write your resolution in Japanese.
You can choose from the various samples: Wishing for success, health, happiness… etc.
Of course, you have the freedom to draw and write whatever you feel like!

All the materials are included in the price 🙂

Location: Lang Lang Language & Culture InstituteKurfürstenstraße 3A

10785 Berlin